Comprehensive solutions for new companies, companies already in operation and foreign investors

Implementation of strategies for new companies, companies already in operation and foreign investors, that will help them to obtaining their initial and constant success.

CRM offers you sound advice from experienced professionals, contacts and additional elements that, from the point of view of cost-benefit, will help you to solve most of your needs. Our objective is to help you to achieve an economically successful business in the short, medium and long term.


  • Saving time and effort.
  • Comprehensive Innovative proposal that maximizes your profit.
  • Prevention of risks and fines.

New Companies:

CRM offers a comprehensive consultancy to cover most of the needs of your new business, so that you can concentrate mainly in make money with your business.

Comprehensive solutions for new companies:

We provide the necessary solutions, so that the starting of your business, is a complete success, offering our advice about the steps needed to create a company, the permits and types of companies that you can make, as well as the final procedures.

The services that we offer to you through our 4 business units are comprehensive. In our experience, there are services that you will surely need, such as:

  • Our Recruitment, Selection and Human Resources Unit: We will provide comprehensive services to attract the best personnel your company needs in Quintana Roo.
  • Our Real Estate Area: We can help you find the location you need for your company through our extensive network of real estate certified agents. Once you have decided your location, our legal department will advise you in everything related to the proper lease or purchase agreements that you need.
  • Our Legal and Corporate Area: We can provide all kinds of legal and notarial services needed by your company: contracts in general, partnership constitution, service contracts, etc.
  • Our Accounting, Tax and Management Unit: We will provide you with the advice and all the management services related to procedures required by the different authorities in Quintana Roo, in order to start your business.
  • To start a business, the minimum permits that you need to process before government agencies are:
    • A) Federal Ministry of Finance
      • Registration of the company or registration of the physical person who will carry out the commercial or service activities and opening a branch.
      • Electronic signature processing
    • B) State Ministry of Finance:
      • Registration to the State Registry and notice of opening an establishment
      • Procedures for State Operating License
    • C) Municipal City Council:
      • Commercial land use
      • Property taxes payments
      • Premises Construction Completion
      • Registration to the SIEM
      • Registration with the Business Chamber
      • Civil Protection consent
      • Sanitary license
      • Ad / Sign Permit
      • Garbage Payments
      • Municipal Operation License Procedure
      • Operation Permit Procedure

Companies Already in Operation:

Our comprehensive network of professionals and consultants, allows the development of your vision of the business, and the implementation of business solutions with measurable results. We also offer services through our 4 business units, for companies already in operation in order that they can continue and increase their success, for example:

  • Our recruitment, selection and human resources unit will provide comprehensive services to retain the best personnel your company needs through an analysis of their work environment.
  • Our accounting, tax and management unit helps you in complying with your company's tax obligations.
  • Our legal and corporate unit will provide you with the legal services that your company needs in commercial, environmental, notarial issues.
  • Our real estate unit will be supporting you on a possible expansion, or finding the new location for a branch, as well as all types of real estate contracts needed.

Foreign Investors:

Quintana Roo offers many business opportunities, both for Mexicans and foreigners, if you are a foreigner and have plans to start your company in Quintana Roo, CRM will guide you to make your investment and business a success.

  • Registration in the National Registry of Foreign Investment.
  • Guidance in the filling of the informative questionnaires according to the Law of Foreign Investment
  • Trusts,
    • Incorporation of companies, opening of branches and subsidiary companies, representative offices and permanent establishments, including the processing of permits before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the incorporation of companies, changes of full name or business name and alterations.
    • Meeting minutes prep, both for shareholders and board meetings, in which the corporate fiscal years are approved, modifications regarding board members or commissioners, granting of powers, increases and decreases in capital, alterations, mergers, splits, dissolutions and liquidations.
    • Management, updating and custody of corporate books and company records, as well as public deeds and powers of attorney.
    • Preparation and updating of entries in the register books of nominative shares or partners and variations of capital.
    • Certifications regarding the integration of social capital.
    • Issuance of provisional certificates, stock certificates, as well as their endorsement.
    • Processing before notaries and public brokers the formalization or certification of operations and protocolization of minutes.
    • Registration of companies and branches before the National Registry of Foreign Investments and follow-up of compliance with obligations before said office, including the preparation and presentation of notices related to corporate movements, as well as the review and presentation of economic reports, both annual and quarterly.
    • Obtaining authorizations from the National Foreign Investment Commission.
    • Processing the registry in the Public Registry of Commerce of public deeds or policies as required (constitution, reforms, granting of powers, changes of Council, etc.).
    • Searches in the Public Registry of Property, as well as in the Public Registry of Commerce.
    • Apostille and legalization of public documents.
    • Advice on associations and co-investments.
  • For more information about our services, contact us and we will guide you to help you determine the best options for your company.

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