Legal and Corporate Comprehensive Solutions

CMR offers you legal and corporative services working with experts lawyers that will help you to prevent and, where appropriate, deal with any legal problem or need that may arise.


  • Prevent legal problems that might result in a big expense to your company
  • Time saving finding all the legal and corporate services you need in one place
  • Better solutions for your different legal needs, having all your legal and corporate advisors in constant internal communication.
  • We offer specialist with experience in different legal and corporative matters.
  • Always hones counseling.
  • A great amount of resources to solve your legal and corporate needs.
  • A great amount of contacts in Quintana Roo to solve your legal and corporate needs.
  • Speed in providing solutions by having a considerable number of professionals working on problems solving.


At CRM, we are aware that every company, whether it is starting or that has been in operation for many years, constantly needs various legal advisors in the different areas of law. And having the right professionals to take care of the legal aspects of a business correctly will determine to a large extent your prosperity and success. In CRM we want to undertake that responsibility.

Our Comprehensive Legal Solutions are


  • Voluntary environmental audits to determine the degree of compliance with environmental obligations in order to prevent sanctions, identify opportunities for improvement, optimize environmental management systems, reflect a better image before consumers and ensure financing and investments. These audits may be accompanied by the procedures to obtain certificates of environmental compliance and sustainable responsibility.
  • Advice on fundamental environmental issues for private transactions such as financing, mergers, acquisitions and real estate purchases.
  • Consulting on the interpretation and application of Federal, State and Municipal environmental regulations related to environmental responsibility, environmental damage and impact, hazardous waste management.
  • Handling and obtaining of concessions, authorizations, licenses and permits granted by environmental authorities of the three levels of government, among which are authorizations of environmental impact and risk studies, changes in the use of land in forest lands, concessions to occupy the area federal maritime and land.
  • Develop Technical Justification Studies (ETJS) for the change of land use of forest lands.
  • Asesoría y representación en procedimientos administrativos y judiciales, asi como durante el desahogo de visitas de inspección instauradas por autoridades ambientales.
  • Counseling and representation in administrative and judicial proceedings, as well as during the inspection visits established by environmental authorities.
  • Incursion in green projects, certifications such as Rainforest Alliance and other certifications in environmental matters.
  • Federal, state and municipal environmental authorizations and permits.
  • Manifestation of environmental impact (MIA).
  • Inspection of environmental administrative process
  • Environmental regularization as well as an action plan to monitor environmental compliance
  • Development of environmental risk studies
  • Development of Programs for the Prevention of Accidents (PPAS)
  • Development of Risk Studies (ERs)
  • Development of environmental damage studies.
  • Development of hazardous waste management programs, special management and urban.
  • Development of studies prior to the purchase and sale of buildings related to environmental issues.
  • Conducting environmental assessments and implementation of quality systems to obtain Certificates of Environmental Quality.
  • Performing procedures for modifications of authorized projects, exemptions or non-requirement of authorization or preventive reports.
  • Simulation and modeling as a means to predict the environmental impact of noise, vibration, biodiversity, urban development, etc.
  • Obtaining concessions for the use and exploitation of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone, as well as for the assignment of rights and obligations contained in the concession titles, as well as the modification of its bases.
  • Obtaining authorizations and permits to modify the bases and conditions in the concession titles, for the construction in the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone, as well as in the beaches and / or land reclaimed from the sea.
  • Attention to administrative procedures and lawsuits related to the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone.
  • Environmental litigation, against resolutions by the PROFEPA, SEMARNAT and any other environmental authority whether federal, state or municipal.

Administrative Law:

  • Attention to procedures and administrative resources before Conagua, Profeco and other institutions.
  • Processing procedures before authorities
  • Permits and concessions of Federal, State and Municipal matters
  • Processing and litigation where appropriate to obtain Licenses, Concessions and Permits
  • Advise and legal defense before assessments of federal, state and municipal administrative authorities.
  • Nullity trial before the Federal Court of Fiscal and Administrative Justice.
  • Nullity trial before the Contentious Administrative Tribunal.
  • Nonconformity proceedings against decisions of Local or Federal authorities.
  • Filing of complaints before various administrative authorities, for example, National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF), Federal Consumer Protection Agency (PROFECO), National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), etc.
  • Assistance attending inspection visits and for carrying out various governmental procedures.
  • Development, monitoring and settlement of verification visits by Federal, State and / or Municipal administrative authorities.
  • Litigation for declaration of invalidity of acts, granting of rights and responsibility of authorities.
  • Refusal of authority and administrative silence.
  • Comprehensive advice on national waters, including taxing aspects of the matter, as well as the obtaining and transfer of concessions to exploit national waters, occupy federal land, permits for the discharge of wastewater, etc.
  • Advice and litigation in matters related to PROFECO:
    • Preparation and registration of adhesion contracts with PROFECO.
    • Preparation and attention of complaints, lawsuits and claims.
    • Cancellation of timeshare contracts.
    • Cancellation of contracts in general.
    • Conciliation procedures
  • Advice on intellectual property matters:
    • Registration of trademarks, commercial notices and distinctive signs.
    • Assistance to obtain valid bar codes for trade.
    • Protection of musical, literary, cinematographic works, etc.
    • Drafting of license agreements, transfer of rights, etc.
    • Services related to patents, industrial models and designs, domains, trademarks, copyrights, etc.
  • Advice and litigation in matters related to Conagua:
    • Audit and advice to determine the degree of compliance with the obligations before Conagua and avoid fines.
    • Regularization regarding water as well as an action plan to monitor compliance with this institution, indicating all the corrective measures that must be taken to fully comply with the regulations before Conagua.
    • Administrative amendment of the concession title for national water use and / or wastewater discharge permits.
  • Technical modifications of concession titles and / or wastewater discharge permits
  • Extension of concession titles, assignment and / or discharge permits.
  • Authorization for the Transmission of Titles and their Registration.
  • Concession for the occupation of federal lands whose administration corresponds to the National Water Commission.

Immigration Law:

  • Advice on the implementation of the basic file of the company to hire foreigners.
  • General legal advice to our clients, on the different migratory conditions that allow them to achieve the best migratory status, according to their particular situation or the activities that they intend to carry out in the Mexican Republic.
  • Representation before the National Institute of Immigration or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to obtain appropriate migratory documents.
  • Processing of visas authorizing the internment of foreigners in order to work, invest, study, lend scientific or technical advice, conduct cultural and / or artistic activities, establish or represent companies, live under the economic dependency of family, etc.
  • Obtaining visas in the different modalities: temporary resident, temporary student resident, permanent resident, etc.
  • Regularization of immigration status, when the foreigner, for any reason, has been left in an irregular situation in the country.
  • Visa renewals
  • Assistance in the preparation and filling of the different official documentation that shall be attached to the requests for the various immigration procedures.
  • Internal migratory audits to companies to know the status of their foreign employees; their hiring, indicating all the corrective measures that must be taken to fully comply with the current immigration regulations, avoiding future problems and penalties for violation of immigration legislation.
  • Filling of all kind of notices before the National Migration Institute such as, exit permits, change of employer, change of immigration status, Processing of Employer Registration Certificates, marital status, address, nationality, name, activity, etc.
  • Process the replacement of immigration documents.
  • Processing the Mexican nationality by naturalization in its various forms (by marriage to Mexican residence, being originally from Latin American country, etc.).
  • Advice on the processing of the Declaration of Mexican nationality by birth.
  • Legalization procedures and apostille for the international use of official documents.

If you need advice on other material (civil, commercial and others), contact us.
We can help you solve problems according to your legal needs.

Special Services:

  • Foreclosures
  • Translations and Interpretations by certified experts approved by the competent courts.


At CRM we advise you on everything related to the good corporate functioning of your company. CRM works closely with several of the best Public Notaries in the State of Quintana Roo, to achieve our goal of providing a comprehensive corporate service to our customers with high quality and in a timely manner.

Comprehensive Corporate Solutions:

  • Creation of companies.
  • Establishment of commercial companies.
  • Preparation of Articles of Incorporation and Assemblies.
  • Granting and revocation of powers.
  • Statutes amendment, dissolutions and liquidations.
  • Prepare and formalize Assembly proceedings, councils and committees.
  • Company Liquidation
  • Issuance of certified copies.
  • Certification of facts.

Other services