Human Capital / Human Resources

Our goal is to provide effective solutions to your recruitment and human resources needs, so that your company will obtain greater economic benefits.

Some benefits for your company are:

  • Minimize the risk of hiring personnel that affects the assets of your company.
  • Reduce economic losses due to thefts.
  • Reduce severance payments due to resignations.
  • Reduce the payment of constant settlements for contract rescissions.
  • Reduce the number of layoffs / dismissals.
  • Reduce the risk of labor lawsuits.
  • Reduce the risk of paying high amounts of money for arbitration awards after losing a labor judgement.
  • Reduce the 3 months’ salary payments for labor severance due to continuous layoffs.
  • Reduce the risk of having to spend large amounts of money to lawyers for legal services due to constant labor lawsuits.
  • Savings in costs advertising vacancies.
  • Saving time interviewing only qualified candidates suited to your needs.
  • Reduce staff turnover.
  • Selecting ideal candidates for each job, increasing best business practices.
  • Improve your company’s work environment, increasing productivity and teamwork.

Human Capital:

We focus on attracting, bringing and retaining the best human talent for your company in Quintana Roo. We help you to fill vacancies at operative, middle and executive levels according to your needs; with us you can obtain a reliable service.

Our own job pool called “CRM Trabajo”, is an important tool attracting lots of updated curriculums resumes.

In addition, we reach 20 recruitment sources such as: agreements with chambers and specialized associations, several job pools, printed and electronic media, our own selected candidates’ database, social networks, etc.

After interviewing the candidates, we apply confidence, psychometric, socio-economic, competency assessments, etc., in order to select the candidate that fulfills all the characteristics needed for the position to be filled.

Our comprehensive solutions of human capital are:

  • Employer Branding: In order to improve your company’s brand as employer.
  • Talent Attraction: We are continuously looking and attracting for the best talent for your organization.
  • Searching talent at middle and executive levels involves going where the candidates are, not expecting the candidate to reach us, and then presenting him/her to you as a candidate for your company.
  • Pure Recruiting: Direct search of specific profiles.
  • Selective Recruiting: Recruiting for specific projects and positions.
  • Staff Recruiting: Tailoring a recruiting strategy according to your needs.
  • Massive Recruiting: Helping to recruit large amounts of staff in a short period of time.
  • Support in Elaborating Profiles: Definition of functions, competencies and responsibilities of the positions to be filled.
  • Support salary ranges for different vacancies.
  • Candidate Search: Using more than 20 sources of recruitment, agreements with business related chambers and specialized associations, job boards, our own job exchange called "Jobs in Quintana Roo", print media, electronic media, social networks, etc.
  • Search of Candidates in our Own Database of Potential Candidates: We have a huge database of candidates already filtered and pre-qualified, to fill vacancies immediately in different positions at operational, medium and executive level.
  • Telephone screening of candidates.
  • Email screening of CVs received from candidates.
  • Personnel Selection: We select the staff your company requires to hire according to their profiles and to your needs.
  • Candidate Interviews: We deliver reports of the interviews performed to the candidates.
  • Pre-qualified candidates.
  • Competencies Assessment: The competencies assessment is a process measuring knowledge, skills, practices and attitudes required in order to exercise the labor activity.
  • The basis of the competency assessment is the complete list of skills needed to carry out a job.
  • Application and Interpretation of Psychometric Tests: Application of various evaluations according to the functions to be evaluated and the profile of the evaluated person seeking to detect their personality, behavior, intelligence, aptitudes, abilities, adaptability to the position, stability, loyalty, motivation, values, leadership, among others. These tests are applied and interpreted by psychologists with extensive experience. We deliver comprehensive and reliable reports.
  • Application and Interpretation of Projective Tests: The objective of these tests is to predict the behavior of candidates, trying to reveal indirectly aspects of their personality. In these cases, problematic situations, assumptions and questions related to the feelings generated in work environments frequently arise. In a projective test, the subject unconsciously "projects" his/her ideas, desires, conflicts, fears, etc.
  • Corroboration of non-criminal background.
  • Application and Interpretation of Socioeconomic Studies: The socioeconomic study is an evaluation through which the environment surrounding a candidate can be established. The main objective of this is to corroborate the way of life, schooling, economic situation, income relationship vs. expenses, family environment, exact location and physical characteristics of his/her home, work, and personal and neighborhood references through a home visit to the candidate. Our evaluation guarantees the veracity and confidentiality of the information provided in the study. Our main intention is to avoid your company risks by hiring the wrong candidate.
  • Labor Bureau: Research option for Candidates in our Labor Bureau. To investigate the labor background of potential candidates. Mainly if they have filed labor lawsuits against companies in Quintana Roo in recent years and how many lawsuits they have filed. This in order to analyze the better management of labor contingencies and separations.
  • Application and Interpretation of Trust and Integrity Tests: "When hiring personnel, what you are looking for are three qualities: integrity, intelligence and energy, if you lack the first, the other two will end up with you". - Warren Buffet.
  • Low levels of integrity may be the cause of labor crimes such as theft of money, property or information; bribes, fraud and deceptions.
  • In Mexico 8 out of 10 companies are affected by fraud. A study revealed that Mexico is the second country in the world, after Colombia, with the largest number of companies that have suffered financial damage related to fraud. It is known that the greatest threat comes from within the company, since 81% of the companies surveyed reported that the person responsible for the crime was an internal worker. It is estimated that a typical organization loses up to 5% of its annual income from this cause. In a world of growing corruption and crime, it is vital for any company to have a reliable way to evaluate current candidates or employees and validate the honesty of those they hire or who will hold positions of trust.
  • Polygraph: Face-to-face examination that determines the veracity of a person. Pre-employment, exploratory and specific (examines the testimony of a person before a criminal act or a specific event of which you want to know the presumed responsibility or involvement).
  • Our other Tests of Additional Trust and Integrity or as an Alternative to the Polygraph: Applied through a Web page. The questions are simple, they are not invasive or discriminatory. These evaluations are tested and validated by a series of studies around the world.
  • This highly efficient and precise tool can evaluate the personnel integrity.
  • Highly relevant aspects will be evaluated, such as the candidate risks for committing crimes, robberies, as well as honesty, ethics, negative tendencies and behaviors, vices, breach of rules, loyalty, level of commitment, and security awareness among others.
  • The results interpretation is performed by Psychology specialists. We offer full confidentiality of the results. These additional tests can be applied as a preventive test to any candidate in the selection process, to employees suspected of a crime or as a routine test of confidence to the staff that is already part of the organization.
  • Benefits: Fast results, incorruptible and impartial, high accuracy, scaled, non-invasive, economic.
  • Application and Interpretation of Labor Stability Tests: This test is designed to predict early resignations among candidates. Staff turnover can generate significant financial losses, which are estimated to be equivalent to half of a full annual salary per incident. These damages are mainly related to recruitment, training, loss of productivity and compensation costs. This test seeks to reduce staff turnover by early resignation, identifying in the collaborators the desire for the position and their intention to remain in the position.
  • Application and Interpretation of Evidence of Honesty in the Employment: The permanent evaluation of employees in addition to helping us to identify states of mind, performance and capacity, helps us, among others, to reduce the risks in organizations due to fraud, theft of information, or illicit benefits. This post-hiring tool allows the periodic evaluation of the integrity of an employee during his/her life cycle in the job. Inappropriate behaviors at work are influenced not only by the integrity and values of an employee, but also by organizational circumstances, such as satisfaction and safety controls.
  • Medical Assessment: The purpose of the evaluation is to determine the physical and health status of the applicants and active staff, through the application of a medical screening that allows a comprehensive diagnosis of the person evaluated and identifies limiting diseases, chronic degenerative and potential risks that may affect the performance and the fulfillment of the objectives of both the person and the company.
  • Toxicological Evaluation: Allows to identify the consumption of drugs or narcotics that affect the performance of the person evaluated.

Human Resources:

At CRM we design and implement Comprehensive human resources solutions, aiming in contributing with the economic results, growth and consolidation goals of our clients.

Our human resources integrated solutions are:

  • Induction to the company and the position to be filled: It is the total identification of the worker to the workplace. With a proper induction, he/she will know how the company operates, its areas or facilities, colleagues, as well as his/her rights and benefits. This induction achieves greater identification, integration and commitment to the company by its employees.
  • Employee Relocation Services: It provides relocation services to foreign persons, who want to work and reside in Quintana Roo, offering the necessary services to make relocation to Quintana Roo a positive experience with minimum complications and facilitating his/her adaptation to the company.

    We offer:
    • House and/or apartment search for rent or purchase.
    • Legal solutions for renting or purchase contracts.
    • Guidance on kindergartens, schools, universities and language institutes.
    • Guidance on medical services: medical specialists, hospitals, clinics, etc.
    • Shopping: Supermarkets, shopping centers, important markets, etc.
    • Legal and immigration guidance.
    • Advice and guidance in relation to opening bank accounts, contracting insurance, processing licenses or driving license.
    • Management of water, electricity, telephone, Internet and gas contracts, cable TV, etc.
    • Maintenance and hiring services for domestic employees for the home.
    • Bilingual customer service.
  • General Personnel Management.
  • Development of Politics and Procedures.
  • Design and Implementation of Performance Evaluation Programs: We developed a tool to measure functions and responsibilities of each position, which are directly related to daily activities, knowledge, observable attitudes and reach of goals. The tools we design conform to what is expected of each one of the people that collaborates in your company.
  • Design and implementation of career plans: design and implementation of a program that fosters retention, productivity and retention of valuable contributors to the organization.
  • Post-employment competency assessment: recommended for internal promotions, key positions, etc.
  • Integration of work teams.
  • Analysis of working environment: We will visit your company to know how each collaborator feels concerning the environment in which he/she works every day.
  • After analyzing several tests and surveys we can can detect the origin of various latent or explicit issues that causing a high staff turnover, as well as negatively impacting the performance of the organization and consequently its economic benefits.
  • Solutions Regarding Security and Hygiene: Our services regarding Security and Hygiene are backed by certified specialists before the STPS, SEMARNAT, Civil Protection, etc. We also have various strategic alliances that allow us to offer a wide variety of alternative solutions.
  • Our alliances and our certified staff in different areas will give our clients the confidence by ensuring legal compliance, constant updating, continuous advice, reduction of the probability of losses and, not least, significant savings due to the reduction of accidents and the risk premiums, therefore, avoiding fines and closures.
  • We begin by identifying the areas in need of improvement in terms of safety and hygiene; through the design of strategies and plans that allow compliance with the requirements set forth by the competent authorities, organizing and identifying all the information for the protection of people, facilities and resources, guaranteeing that our customers and their collaborators know and apply the legal requirements in terms of safety and hygiene, as well as identifying and reducing risks, as well as the likelihood of losses for companies.
  • Salaries and Wages Studies: Our consultants perform a real compilation of salaries and wages according to the company’s main line of business, doing an extensive investigation by positions, profile of the personnel and special needs of the functions of each post, delivering at the end, a document that allows you to position yourself within the competitive market ranges.
  • Employees Insurance: Life insurance, health insurance, minor medical expenses insurance and major medical expenses.
  • Training Courses in Specific Areas: Leadership, success in sales, effective communication, English classes and other courses according to your needs.
  • Workshops: Organizational development, sales, high performance work teams.
  • Motivational Courses and Talks: Targeting for a connection between leadership, passion and inspiration and experience sharing; pursuing together the company’s vision and goals.
  • Team Building: Our Team Building department specializes in bringing out the best in a work group to ensure integration, motivation, positive communication, personal and group development, leadership skills and the ability to work together as a team. All this in order to improve the productivity of the company and its economic benefits.
  • Experiential Thematic Workshops: We have a variety of activities that can be customized according to level of activity required, schedule, subject, outdoors or indoors and budget.

For more information about our services, please contact us and we will to help you determine the most suitable services for your company.

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