Solutions for accounting, tax and management.

You want to spend 100% of your time increasing productivity and sales. We offer accounting, payroll, regularization of tax obligations, consulting, tax calculation, management and much more.

Some benefits for your company are:

  • Having specialists with great experience that will deliver excellent results in the accounting, tax and administrative areas.
  • Economic savings by not having an internal accountant in payroll. Our accounting services are cheaper than a salaried accountant in your company, in addition we do not generate expenses for payment of bonuses, holidays, seniority, etc.
  • Economic savings by not having an internal accounting department. Our corporate already has a secretary, an assistant, an accounting assistant, etc., so you do not need to hire them for your internal accounting department.
  • You will not even have to spend on stationery, light, internet and extra cleaning that generates an additional employee in the payroll, so you can save an additional percentage, making it a profit of your company.
  • Nor will you have to invest in training your internal accountant in order for him to be updated in the changing laws and tax institutions regulations, because these are on us, since we train each of our members to offer the best service and care, therefore the accounting of your company is carried out correctly in accordance with the current rules and laws.
  • Nor will have to spend in acquiring specialized computer software to perform properly accounting activities. Our professionals have a personal platform where they can work. You will not need these tools or have to pay updates.
  • You will not have to worry about a software for fiscal payroll, which are expensive and, like the above, require constant updating to operate properly.
  • The advice provided is customized to your own needs and our professionals will always be on the lookout of the accounting, tax and management status of your company, guiding and supporting, answering any questions, in the same way that an internal accountant would do, but with the advantages of a strong company backing it.
  • The exact calculation of your taxes, therefore avoiding extra tax costs (excess payments, delays in returns, or deductions of expenses not made).
  • Reduce the work of executive members in your company allowing them to move forward in other more profitable short and medium-term projects.
  • Not having to perform accounting tasks, allows you to concentrate 100% to increase all productivity and sales of your business. So, not only will earn more, you'll also save more, and you'll be much more relaxed.
  • Not having to perform accounting tasks, you can concentrate 100% to increase productivity and sales in your business. Thus, not only will earn more, you’ll also save, and you'll be much more relaxed.

  • Accounting

    Hiring external accounting company is a trend that is being adopted on the business community around the world, allowing business leaders to focus on the company’s main line of business.

    It is important for us to provide accounting, tax and management solutions that are reliable, efficient and complete, so that your company can get the most savings and economic benefit. 

    Our Comprehensive Accounting Solutions are:

  • Calculation of work benefits.
  • Sign up, sign out and modify status of workers before the IMSS and INFONAVIT
  • Computing and presenting the contributions the Company is subject to in relation to IMSS, INFONAVIT and AFORES – Retirement Savings Managing Organizations-.
  • Payroll Management: Calculation, preparation and processing of the payroll with accuracy, punctuality and in adherence to the laws in force.
  • Payroll Outsourcing: Design, implementation or upgrade of salaries management systems.
  • Preparation of monthly financial statements.
  • Calculation, Preparation and Presentation of Monthly, Bimonthly and Annual Tax Return
  • Calculation of own taxes and withheld taxes.
  • Submit provisional, informative and annual declarations
  • Skilled, ongoing and up-to-date advice.

  • Fiscal

    Our tax services are tailored to the needs of our customers. We guarantee the timely fulfillment of your fiscal obligations; our service will result in a great source of savings for the company.

    Our Integrated Fiscal Solutions are:

  • Control and surveillance that allows compliance in time and form of the various tax obligations.
  • Advice that offers the most appropriate alternatives and that allows the correct and timely fulfillment of tax obligations with the lowest financial burden and full legal certainty.
  • Arrive to special strategies to find, within the legal possibilities, a more favorable tax burden
  • Planning of new companies/partnerships.
  • Planning, advice and design of tax strategies for national and foreign companies.
  • Specialized advice and management of legal audits and fiscal reviews.
  • Acquisitions or sales of companies.
  • Fiscal analysis of acquisitions, splits, mergers and conversions of companies, joint-venture agreements, financing, international transactions and reorganization of companies, fusions and liquidations.
  • Opinion of financial statements
  • Opinion on Taxes
  • Dictamen Fiscal.
  • Address inquiries regarding the interpretation of Federal, State, Municipal and Social Security tax provisions.

  • Management

    The goal of this service is to accelerate the opening of companies. Guiding and helping entrepreneurs on the steps to be taken to start their business. As well as to help functioning companies to comply with the processing and renewing of the different permits and licenses needed, as well as any other procedure needed.

    Our Comprehensive Managing Solutions are:

  • Registration of the Company or Registration of the Individual that will carry out the commercial or service activities and opening of the branch.
  • Registration with the Secretary of the Treasury of the State
  • Electronic Signature Procedure
  • Registration to the State Register and Notice of Establishment Opening
  • Commercial Land Use Processing
  • Property tax payments
  • Local End of Construction
  • Registration with SIEM
  • Registration with the Business Chamber
  • Civil Protection consent
  • Sanitary license
  • License for the sale of Alcoholic Beverages.
  • Ad / Sign Permit
  • Garbage Payments
  • State Operation License Procedure
  • Municipal Operation License Procedure
  • Operation Permit procedure
  • Branch openings and closures
  • Increases of obligations
  • Change of address
  • Processing of construction licenses, remodeling, expansion and / or demolition
  • Processing before the Health Ministry
  • Managing procedures before Federal, State and Municipal authorities located in the state of Quintana Roo.
  • Processing of licenses, permits and authorizations before federal, state and / or municipal offices.
  • Processing of all types of documents, authorizations, Cadastral Certificates, Certificates of Nomenclatures, etc.
  • Payment of all types of state and municipal rights.
  • Management of residence records.
  • Certificates of no debt of water (Aguakan and CAPA)
  • Certificates of no debt for cooperation by both state and municipal work.
  • Payment of all types of municipal rights. (Predial, ISAI, ZOFEMAT, etc.)
  • Processing and management of simple or certified copies before any office of the public registry or notary of the state of Quintana Roo.
  • Processing of permits before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the incorporation of companies and change of name or company name.
  • Registration before the Public Registry of deeds issued by Notaries of other Entities.
  • Change of name of the property tax receipt due to change of ownership of real estate.
  • Apostille of documents issued by authorities.

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